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Sexual Health

Sexual health

We work with young people to give them info on sexual health. This includes:

  • sexual health education
  • info and advice on STI’s
  • STI screening
  • condom distribution
  • counselling
  • referrals in-service/external
  • contact tracing.


As part of our clinical consults we talk about:

  • safe sex practices
  • correct condom usage male/female
  • what are sexually transmitted infections
  • how do you get STIs
  • treatments for STIs
  • referral pathways
  • counselling
  • how to stay safe when going into a relationship
  • sexual assault information
  • how to negotiate in safe sex
  • contraception
  • reproductive health
  • gender role and responsibilities

We work with a number of key stakeholders including:

  • Queensland Health, Indigenous Sexual Health Teams
  • Queensland Association for Healthier Communities
  • HepC Council
  • Southside Education
  • youth health nurses and health workers.